Sigh. I know I’m late for this, but I couldn’t just not show my appreciation of 4minute when their anniversary was this past week. I love all of these girls so much. Prepare for a long ass letter about said appreciation:

To Sohyun: You are hands down one of the most impressive maknaes I’ve been lucky enough to witness in kpop. For someone who started so young, you have grown to be an incredible young woman and fierce performer. Whether it’s rapping, singing, or dancing, you more than deliver and you work hard with no excuses.

To Jihyun: I get the feeling that you might be feeling unappreciated within the fandom and in kpop in general. I doubt you’ll ever see this, but just so that I know I said it, you really are great. You’re ridiculously gorgeous, sweet, and a great dancer. People say that you don’t have a place in the group and I find that ridiculous. I’ve seen your pre-debut videos, and trust me, you are far more talented than more than half of your haters. Keep being a beast Namjiji. 

To Hyuna: There’s so much controversy over you and I find it crazy because all I see when I look at you is a determined, sweet but still fierce young woman who works hard and does her best at her job. Drama aside, I just hope that you are given a chance to truly rest. I remember last year or the year before that, you had literally 4 back to back promotions. All I can say is that I love the person you’ve become and I wish you the absolute best in the future. 

To Gayoon: I know it’s obvious but you are crazy beautiful. How is that people seem to just now be seeing this? Anyways, aside from that, your voice is heaven and you honestly seem like an epic person. You’re snarky but you care for your members and I like that. And you’re fashion game is on point. All in all, Heo Gayoon, you are a very fabulous lady. 

To Jiyoon: I really wonder what you would do with 4minute’s concepts if you could choose. I feel like sometimes you’re pigeon-holed into one role in the group when you’re capable of so much more. You can rap, you can sang, you can dance, and you’re gorgeous boo boo. I watched you on Immortal Song 2 and couldn’t believe the amazing performer you’d become. In the future, I hope you for and for the rest of the members to grow even more confident in your abilities because you honestly are amazing. 

Happy 4th Anniversary 4minute and here’s to many more beautiful anniversaries to come.  ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁ 

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